Skin 2 Physique

By popular demand here is a tool that lets you convert skin to physique and back to skin using the vertex number. If you edit the geometry other than just moving verts between modifiers it won’t work. Next to each button is a help button with further instructions.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this script only works for Max 4-9. Max 2008 and up are not supported. This is because the iPhysique.gup plugin that it relies on has not been recompiled for the newer versions of Max.

Skin 2 Physique – DOWNLOAD NOW


Skin Weight Tools

Here is a small collection of macro scripts to help speed up skinning. Some of these features are in Max 8, but if you are using 7 or lower you can use these.


 Skin Weight Tools – DOWNLOAD NOW

Mirror Morphs on X

This handy script will Mirror Morph targets on the X axis. If you use Z-brush you can use it to quickly edit your base object in Max, mirror the changes and re-import the tool.Instructions for use:

1. Select a symmetrical model. (The model doesn’t need to be entirely symmetrical, only the parts you intend to mirror.)
2. Adjust the threshold or leave the default. I don’t recommend high numbers.
3. Hit the Initialize button and wait for it to process.
4. Once processed you may close the window. The data was saved to a temp file in your Windows temp directory.
5. When your ready, reopen the menu, select some verts that you modified, and hit the Mirror button and wait a few seconds.
6. With the same selected verts add a Morph modifier, make a reference to your base mesh, and this will let you set those back to the original position.

Fun isn’t it?

Mirror Morphs – DOWNLOAD NOW

Mirror Physique

So the biggest bug in the Mirror Physique script was that people didn’t download the accompanying file. So it is now included in the download. So now it supports Max 4 thru 9. I also fixed a bug where certain weights were cleared without a replacing value. I’ve also removed Anthony Delen’s ClearWeights function. It’s a perfectly fine function, but I was misusing it resulting in said bug. Anyway, enjoy…again.

Mirror Physique – DOWNLOAD NOW
Max 9 Iphysique Plugin – DOWNLOAD NOW

Tutorial – Using Mirror Physique