Mirror Physique

So the biggest bug in the Mirror Physique script was that people didn’t download the accompanying file. So it is now included in the download. So now it supports Max 4 thru 9. I also fixed a bug where certain weights were cleared without a replacing value. I’ve also removed Anthony Delen’s ClearWeights function. It’s a perfectly fine function, but I was misusing it resulting in said bug. Anyway, enjoy…again.

Mirror Physique – DOWNLOAD NOW
Max 9 Iphysique Plugin – DOWNLOAD NOW

Tutorial – Using Mirror Physique


8 responses to “Mirror Physique

  1. We are very appreciated your kindness.
    The great Tool help me and my compatriots in our work.

  2. I’m afraid I’m getting an unknown system exception error when I attempt to use this script, on the line

    selverts = getVertSelection $ as array

    It seems to work when I change this to

    selverts = polyOp.getVertSelection $ as array

    Given the comment above mine, I’m guessing that this does work out-of-the-box circumstantially. Any idea what’s going on?

  3. unfortunatlly i follow the instructions in the tutorial and at the end it gives me a message saying that the process is sucessful but again nothing happens, still the other side isnt weighted at all??

  4. wael… This usually happens when a model needs to have it’s x-forms reset. You can use my Skin2Physique script to save your current weighting, reset the x-forms, then reapply the physique and bones, load the weighting, and then mirror.

  5. Great idea! It saves a lot of work, the guys from Autodesk should lern from you :D. Any chance to get it for 3ds max 2009?

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