Skin 2 Physique

By popular demand here is a tool that lets you convert skin to physique and back to skin using the vertex number. If you edit the geometry other than just moving verts between modifiers it won’t work. Next to each button is a help button with further instructions.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this script only works for Max 4-9. Max 2008 and up are not supported. This is because the iPhysique.gup plugin that it relies on has not been recompiled for the newer versions of Max.

Skin 2 Physique – DOWNLOAD NOW


15 responses to “Skin 2 Physique

  1. Hi, I have searched for hours to try and find a ‘how to’ with this, I have copied the max 9 32 bit version into my plugins dir, and checked that the iphys plugin is being loaded into the plugins manager, all fine. I can’t for the life of me find out what to click/select/heavy pet to bring up and skin or physique tools, to do anything with.
    I have looked in the custom UI dropdown, and gone through them all looking for a reference to Iphysique to map a key to.
    What am I doing wrong?, can someone please explain and perhaps post screenshots of where to go to bring this up.
    Cheers, Mr. Hopeful

  2. Sorry about Max 2008/09/10 support. The iPhysique which I don’t create hasn’t been updated.

    Hopeful, make sure the Martinez_Macro_Skin2Physique.mcr file is in the …3Dmax\UI\Macroscripts\ folder. Restart Max. Then from the main menu choose: Customize|Customize User Interface and change the Category to “monsterBlues”

    You should find the command to set a hot key there.

      • I updated the download file to contain all the files needed. You’ll need to download it again. Previously you would have needed to download both links. But I think this was confusing Max 9 users since they were only downloading that one zip file instead of both zip files.

  3. I’m using Max 2008 x64
    The software told me this file “IPhysique.gup” wasn’t a valid 32bits application…
    How can I solve this problem ?
    My working station is full x64 with Windows 7 x64

  4. Very late in the day, but I found the source to the iPhysique plugin in the Ogre open source game engine code, and have recompiled it for Max2010, 2011 and 2012.

    Is there any use for this anymore? Does anyone want the plugins?

      • The plugins are now available on David Baker’s website.

        “IPhysique.gup” for Max2008-2015 can be found in “Interface:PhysiqueOps”, and Autodesk’s other pluguin “phy2skin.dlu” can be found in “Physique2Skin”.

        If there’s any problem with the IPhysique builds, just let me know and I’ll see if I can fix it.

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