Halo Wars

Halo Wars

I’m proud to be on the development of Halo Wars at Ensemble Studios. We are developing Halo Wars as an RTS game exclusively for the Xbox 360. As an animator I’m having a lot of fun working on all the characters and cinematics. At Ensemble we always try to push the boundries of PC games, and now we get to do the same with a console. I’m looking forward to it being released and reaching success. Development so far has been smooth and Ensemble’s relationship with Bungie, the makers of Halo, is excellent. I’ll post more about the game as news unfolds.


Sam and Max: Culture Shock

Culture Shock

So I just played the 1st of 6 episodes of Sam and Max. The game is totally fun. The art style and animation is very simple and very successful. I recommend this game to anyone that loves to laugh, and might be tired of playing fast paced action games. The second episodes is just days away and I can’t wait. What are you waiting for!? Go buy the full season of Sam and Max now!

By the way, Tell Tale Games is my new favorite developer. I’d also like to say I’m so glad there’s a developer out there that is focusing on fun games and not letting all this “Next-Gen” tech go to their heads.

Biped Stretchy Limb Tutorial


It bugs me (just a little) when people say they don’t like to animate with biped because you can’t scale limbs. So…I made a tutorial that teaches you to create Custom Attributes and Wire them to a Biped. The tutorial download contains a short Step by Step PDF file and a sample Max file with animation.

 (There have been reports that this tutorial is not compatible with Max 9)

Biped Stretchy Limb Tutorial – DOWNLOAD NOW

Biped Tangent Tool

Biped Tangent Tool

 Here’s a little script that lets you interface with Biped’s TCB controllers with familar words like “Linear” “Slow” “Fast” and “Smooth.” I know you can switch Bipeds controllers from Quaternion to Euler, but I’ve found that to be a little buggy at times. Anyway give it a try. Put the MCR file in the \Max\UI\MacroScripts folder, restart Max, and look in the monsterBlues category for Biped TCB Tool.

And tell your friends.