Biped Stretchy Limb Tutorial


It bugs me (just a little) when people say they don’t like to animate with biped because you can’t scale limbs. So…I made a tutorial that teaches you to create Custom Attributes and Wire them to a Biped. The tutorial download contains a short Step by Step PDF file and a sample Max file with animation.

 (There have been reports that this tutorial is not compatible with Max 9)

Biped Stretchy Limb Tutorial – DOWNLOAD NOW


4 responses to “Biped Stretchy Limb Tutorial

  1. As far as I can tell…wiring the biped subanims causes
    .bip files to be corrupted. If you don’t wire them a saved bip
    file will be reloadable, but if the wiring step is done trying
    to load the bip file will crash max.

  2. I just want to say “thank you very much” I´ve been trying to do something like that , of course I have no idea the parameter range must be between 1 to 2, I thought it must be more than or less than 100, of course when I wired it just exploded into pieces. A dumb question, why those values?
    I opened your attached file with 3ds max 2009 sp1 and I didn´t found bugs
    I did this quick test (

  3. 1st, thanks John that rocks! Squash/stretch is the one thing that has always held biped back for me so thanks!

    Sub anims of course… ha!

    2nd, Thanks again for your monster curve editor. You should add it to your site?

    Erik, those values aren’t hard and fast, I experimented with .1 to 2 and it allows for squash as well as stretch. Of course anything smaller than 0 will probably cause issues as well as give highly undesirable results. I haven’t played around with higher numbers but I’m not sure why you would want that?

    Now if biped would only allow you animate the position of limbs…

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