KeyTools Screenshot

Opening Max 2010 and seeing mostly the same curve editor tools since Max 8 (which I’ve been using up until now) got me to give it a much needed update. Unzip this to the Max directory with folder names enabled. Look in the monsterBlues category. (Works best as a tool bar for the curve editor and then save the curve editor layout.)


I put together some animated gif of what the buttons do…

Grow and Shrink key selection.

Click Continue to see more animated demos:
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This is something I’m excited about. I’ve been working on it for quite a while. Hopefully it’ll be released soon.

Increment TurboSmooth

Place the MS file in …\3ds Max 20XX\ui\MacroScript\ Look in the monsterBlues category after you restart max to bind to a hotkey.

Assign this macro to a hotkey, also assign Shift + the hotkey. For example, if you assign the script to the “D” button. Also assign Shift+”D”.

Pressing the hotkey will add increments to your selection. Pressing shift + hotkey will reduce increments. Also I set an upper limit of 5 and a lower limit of 0. You can open the script in a text editor and increase the upper limit.

Increment TurboSmooth – DOWNLOAD NOW