KeyTools Screenshot

Opening Max 2010 and seeing mostly the same curve editor tools since Max 8 (which I’ve been using up until now) got me to give it a much needed update. Unzip this to the Max directory with folder names enabled. Look in the monsterBlues category. (Works best as a tool bar for the curve editor and then save the curve editor layout.)


I put together some animated gif of what the buttons do…

Grow and Shrink key selection.

Click Continue to see more animated demos:

Extend Selection: Selects all keys on selected curves.

StepSelection: Selects the next or previous keys.

Flatten: Selected keys get same value as first selected key.
CTRL pressed averages all the keys.
SHFT pressed give all the value of the last key.

Loop: Mirrors the last keys key’s tangent to the first keys. (By anim range)

Break Down: Move the keys 10% closer to the next or previous key.

Build Tangents: Exagerates or subdues the tangents.

Flow: Mirrors the tangents of the selected keys to the previous and next keys.

Isolate: Removes unselected curves from the view.

Nudge: Moves keys to forward or back. Use CTRL, and SHFT as modifiers.

SnapScale: Moves the scale origin to the first selected key.

Split: Duplicates a keys and made the time between them linear.

There is also a SpaceEvenly and SpaceToInterval tool.


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